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Theresa Miller Author
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​​AWC graduate Theresa Miller publishes debut novel ‘The Spin Doctor’s Wife’

Enrolling in the Write Your Novel program was just the push that Theresa Miller needed to finish the draft of her first fiction manuscript. There's nothing like a deadline to motivate you to finish a project! That book, The Spin Doctor's Wife, is out now through Critical Mass. 

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Is Artificial Intelligence the future of IVF?

Welcome to the high-tech world of genetic screening. 

Theresa Miller

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"Australian author and former TV journalist Theresa Miller’s debut novel The Spin Doctor’s Wife draws on her personal experience with IVF.

Author and former TV journalist Theresa Miller has personal experience with IVF.

Ms Miller is an IVF mother, author of Making Babies, and member of the IVF Australia Ethics Committee.

The Spin Doctor’s Wife is set in Sydney’s fashionable Eastern suburbs against a backdrop of corporate cover-ups and the cult of celebrity. It tells the interconnecting story of an egotistical spin-doctor, his infertile wife, and his TV celebrity lover."

"Set in Sydney, this fast-paced modern-day story outlines problems and lifestyles that have become a familiar part of our world. The spin doctor was once a man ambitious to become a political journalist.


Now he manipulates the truth and can put a positive spin on most things.  His wife is desperate to have a baby but has been told that her eggs are inferior. So, Laurie and Megan must come to an agreement for their future."

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"The Spin Doctor’s Wife was my ‘holiday read’ on a recent wet weekend away with the family. It was a perfect bedside companion – character driven and thoughtful, getting its messages across without being overly ‘heavy’. 


After all, isn’t that what spin doctors do best? As the enticing tag line suggests, this is a story about infidelity, infertility, and infamy – a trifecta of pertinent issues for modern femininity and feminism."

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