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Reader Reviews for

The Spin Doctor's Wife

"I enjoyed this book so much! Moving, insightful and funny. Set in Sydney, it gives us a look into the harrowing IVF experience, the unscrupulous corporate PR industry and the transformative effect of having a child. Would love to see it picked up by one of the streaming networks!"

Adele Mitchell -Property Manager

"I inhaled this book in two sittings! It was so nice to read about characters roaming in a hood I know so well. Some lovely moments in familiar places."

Camilla Block - Sydney architect 

“This is a brilliant page-turner and totally entertaining: funny, intriguing and clever. You can tell the author draws on real world experience. Her descriptions of places, people and the tantalising goings-on behind-the-scenes makes The Spin Doctor’s Wife a great read. Thoroughly enjoyable.” 

Karen Eck, Founder, eckfactor 

"I could not stop reading once I'd started; I was totally hooked. Hope it's a massive success."

Hanna Bjerkhamm -Interior Designer

"This book is such a page turner! Such witty descriptions. I loved it."  

Dorothee Babeck - Environmental Campaigner 

Media Praise for Theresa Miller's

Making Babies - Personal IVF Stories

“Offering parents a degree of hope, as well as a realistic appraisal of the IVF experience, Making Babies makes for dramatic and compulsive reading.”
Dianne Dempsey, The Age

“A must read for anyone considering IVF.”
Jane Doyle, 5AA Breakfast Presenter

“….an insight into the lives of people who move mountains to have a baby.”
Sushi Das, The Age

“...A fascinating read for those touched by infertility or interested in assisted reproduction.”
Pregnancy and Birth Magazine

Theresa Miller, take a bow! Making Babies just landed on my desk. I picked it up and was immediately engrossed... Fabulous. It looks great and reads even better.”
Linda Smith, Editor
That’s Life Magazine

“...Fourteen enthralling and personal IVF stories.”
Graham Readfearn, The Courier Mail

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